Kate Owen

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I have recently purchased your ISO in a box product, using Activ-Lite, and worked with Tina Hall to get our new QMS system implemented and through the external audit so I wanted to give you some feedback on how I felt it worked from our point of view.

Tina was with us for 5 days to help us get the system set up and from the very start she was efficient, pro-active and enthusiastic about what she had to do. She worked tirelessly for the 5 days to get everything set up and I found her a pleasure to work with. She was obviously incredibly knowledgeable about ISO and managed to tread the fine line between listening to how we wanted to set things up and making sure that we did actually fulfil the requirements of the standard. She offered very sound advice and was a valuable resource to me in making sure I understood what we would need to do once she left us with the system.

I’m pleased to say as well that we’ve had excellent support from her after the system was put in place and were very fortunate that she kindly volunteered to be here with me on the Stage 1 audit to make sure it went smoothly. At no time during the implementation have I had cause to be concerned that we couldn’t achieve the award (thanks to Tina giving us such a clear and concise breakdown of what was needed) and knowing Tina was only a phone call away to clarify any points I was confused over (which were more than a few!!) was really reassuring.

I’m sure it’s a testament to Tina’s hard work that we sailed through the stage 1 and 2 audit with no non-conformances or concerns raised. The auditor was very complimentary about Activ and the system we had put in place and this was very definitely attributable to Tina and the effort she put in.

I really enjoyed having Tina to assist us with ISO. She made it a fairly painless process and has given me the confidence to feel that we will be able to maintain the system from this point and have smooth internal/external audits in the future. I enjoyed having her in the office and she proved very adept at ensuring that the other staff were doing what they needed to do which reduced the pressure on me considerably.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either Equas or Tina to another organisation considering going for ISO certification. I am extremely grateful to Tina that we’ve gone from having no QMS to Certification in less than 3 months without any issues – not the drawn out, painful process I was expecting from ISO at all!