Our intuitive software tool Activ eliminates the administration needed to manage document control and enables the improvement processes specified by the standards to efficiently deliver tangible business improvements.

Activ is a secure, web-hosted management system with features that provide highly effective ways of managing the control, update and distribution of information.

We have produced a handy document to show the benefits of using the Activ system versus using other methods. Click here to view it.

Frequently asked questions

  • Web-hosted with secure access from any internet connection (office, home; worldwide)
  • Combined Intranet/Extranet document and record storage with intuitive location maps to aid access and retrieval
  • Automatic document version control and automatic notification of document, record or data updates
  • Action log database for managing customer complaints, improvement ideas and nonconformities with automatic action prompts
  • Customer surveys and process compliance monitoring tools
  • Automatic data back-up and data loss prevention
  • CRM, supplier, project and human resource management databases
  • Enable secure, controlled access to documents, records and information by employees, customers and suppliers from any location
  • Promote the sharing of best practices and collaborative problem solving
  • Provide analysis of customer satisfaction and identify areas that require greater attention and priority
  • Enable controlled introduction of new business processes or changes to existing ones
  • Significantly reduce the resources required to achieve and maintain compliance with legislation, ISO, OHSAS and other standards
  • Support greater employee involvement in business improvement