ISO Certification Made Simple

Our nationwide team of ISO Consultants help businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and many other standards.
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is the most widely recognised quality management system standard in the world. It demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to supplying a product or service that consistently meets your customers’ requirements.
ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is the most widely recognised environmental management system standard in the world. It demonstrates your commitment to controlling the impact of your activities on the environment.
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 is the internationally-recognised standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).
ISO 45001
ISO 45001 is the new internationally-recognised standard for health and safety management systems.
What we do

Welcome to Equas Consultancy Ltd, an experienced, established and trustworthy ISO Consultancy, offering a range of solutions to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and many other standards. We have leveraged our extensive experience in developing management systems to create our own, unique methodology, which we call ISO in a Box™.

Our UK-wide team of experienced IRCA qualified ISO consultants covers all industry sectors, serving micro-businesses through to multi-nationals. Over the past 19 years we have supported thousands of organisations across the UK to implement and maintain compliant systems. Our services include new ISO certification projects, outsourced ISO system maintenance, internal audit and supplier audit, ISO legal compliance, GDPR compliance, ESOS assessment and ISO training.

Our services

We always strive to help our customers obtain the most cost-effective route to achieving and maintaining certification. To support the effective implementation and maintenance of your management system’s compliance with a range of standards, Equas offers a number of products and services.

Standards we support

The ISO in a Box™ management system can be used to achieve certification to the most popular ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. Our ISO consultants, all IRCA qualified, are also able to provide help and support to implement the system.

Fixed-price guarantee

However simple and straightforward ISO in a Box™ makes achieving ISO certification, we understand that for our customers undertaking the process is a significant commitment. That is why any support package we agree to provide has a specified fixed-price and comes with a guarantee of achieving ISO certification once the agreed programme of work is completed.

We can provide these assurances because our consultants are highly experienced in providing customers with hands-on support through the certification process. The many commendations the ISO in a Box™ system has received, from major UKAS-accredited certification bodies, are a testament to our success.

Depending upon the nature of your organisation and the type of support you need, you may qualify for grant funding to support some of the investment you need to make. Contact us now to find out what funding support is available.

5 steps to certification
  1. Review of existing management system against the relevant standard (Gap Analysis).
    Our IRCA qualified consultant will complete a detailed review of your existing documentation and management processes and make an assessment of them against three criteria:

    • Their compliance with the relevant ISO standard
    • Their effectiveness in achieving the organisation’s objectives
    • The potential for unnecessary complication or duplication

    Following discussion with you, the results of the analysis will be documented into a concise action list.

  2. Enhancement of the existing system using appropriate ISO in a Box™ template documents to achieve compliance with the relevant standard(s).
    Relevant documents from our extensive library will be selected and modified to fit the style of your organisation and achieve compliance, improve effectiveness and eliminate any potential areas of duplicated work.
  3. Implement any new processes required, with supporting employee training.
    Face-to-face guidance and awareness training is provided in how to implement new processes required to maintain documentation, achieve compliance and deliver continual improvement.
  4. Complete a formal check that any new processes have been implemented correctly.
    Our consultant will conduct a full internal audit of your system prior to certification. There is a requirement for this to be done before you can achieve certification and it ensures that no issues arise during the certification audit that could potentially delay you achieving certification.
  5. Undergo a certification audit by a UKAS-accredited certification body.
    Only by undergoing an audit by a UKAS-accredited certification body can you be assured that your certification will be recognised by your customers as having genuine substance. Our consultants will provide whatever on or off-site support you require during this audit to ensure that the process is completed smoothly and with minimal stress and disruption. The time required to complete these steps will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation and the status of your existing management system. Our consultant will always work to achieve your target time frame.
Why you should choose ISO in a BoxTM

ISO in a Box™ is a simple yet comprehensive solution to achieving ISO certification that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and improves the effectiveness of existing work processes. Its proven benefits are at work in hundreds of organisations, of all sizes, operating in all types of industry sectors, and it has received many commendations for its effectiveness from major UKAS-accredited certification bodies.

Key features of ISO in a Box™

  • Simple to implement and use
  • Hands-on support from experienced, professional consultants that guarantees UKAS-accredited certification
  • Requires no previous knowledge of ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001 or other ISO standards
  • Can be delivered via standalone computer, intranet or our recommended ISO software solution “Activ”
  • Range of implementation options available to suit varying budgets and operational requirements
  • Designed as an integrated management system that reduces the cost of certification to multiple standards

The ISO in a Box™ system is flexible and built around your organisation. The documentation can be paper-based or managed using a standalone computer, intranet or on-line management system. All support required to achieve and maintain certification is provided through a team of highly experienced, professional, hands-on consultants.

We offer a range of fixed-price solutions to suit the size of your organisation and the level of in-house resource and expertise available. The most common packages selected by our customers are:

Assisted Build
in which we provide the ISO in a Box™ template system with training and advice on how to modify it to fit the organisation. We also verify that it has been implemented correctly and meets the requirements for certification.

Full System Build
in which we provide the ISO in a Box™ template system and the full resource required to build it and support the customer through the implementation and certification process.

Whichever package you select you can be sure that you will receive hands-on expert support in how to most effectively implement your system and maximise your return.

The benefits of UKAS ISO certification

ISO certification can significantly increase your organisation’s credibility and enable you to win more business. It can also reduce your operating risk, minimise waste and improve the satisfaction of your customers.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding of the suppliers they work with. They need to be confident that the organisations they are dealing with have a robust management system in place to deliver on their commitments. UKAS ISO certification is your route to giving your customers the confidence to place their trust and business with you.

The legislation that organisations need to comply with is increasing every day. The regulators who enforce it are exacting heavier punishments on organisations and individuals who break the law. Having a UKAS ISO certified system in place will enable you to keep abreast of your legal requirements and implement effective measures to minimise the risk of business interruption or loss of reputation.

Selecting the UKAS route

We want to ensure that our customers achieve the key benefits of investing in becoming ISO certified, particularly with respect to:

  • Winning tenders with government bodies and blue-chip organisations
  • Reducing their risk status with regulatory bodies
  • Lowering insurance premiums and improving productivity

For this reason, we strongly recommend that organisations achieve certification with a UKAS-accredited body. Whilst we remain impartial on the certification body our customers use, we always strongly advise them against using a non-accredited body. Non-accredited certification or “self-certification” is highly likely to be rejected by potential customers.

For more details on the potential consequences of not selecting the UKAS-accredited route to certification, click on the links to the articles below.