ISO Services

Individually tailored by our expert consultants to be an exact fit with your organisation and deliver a wide range of tangible business benefits.

We always strive to help our customers obtain the most cost-effective route to achieving and maintaining certification. To support the effective implementation and maintenance of your management system’s compliance with a range of standards, Equas offers a number of products and services.

Please choose one of the following ISO services for more details:

ISO in a Box™ Full System Build
This package is for clients with limited resources available when implementing the requirements for ISO standards. We will support you every step of the way in gaining the relevant ISO certification, including on-site training and off-site creation of relevant procedures.
ISO in a Box™ Assisted Build
Whatever ISO standard you are looking to implement, the Assisted Build is perfect if you have a committed resource available. Our template system, specialist training and advice tailored to your business will ensure you comply with the ISO certification requirements.
ISO Consultant and ISO Implementation Services
When you need ISO compliance experts, to complement your own professional and business expertise, Equas has a team of consultants available to work with you.
This easy-to-use modular system is built to fit with how real businesses work day-to-day. This practical business management software provides the structure and tools to make managing ISO certification as straightforward and value-adding as possible.
ISO Training
Our specialist on-site training covers an introduction to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001 as well as Internal Auditor guidance for the relevant ISO standard you require.
ISO Audit and Gap Analysis Services
This service helps those organisations with well developed systems and dedicated resources. This provision will verify if your system meets the ISO standard requirement, checking for consistency, its effectiveness and whether any further action is required before the ISO certification audit.
GDPR Consultant and Audit Services
Achieve and maintain straightforward cost-effective compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
ESOS Compliance Services
The ESOS regulations apply to all ‘large’ companies in the UK, with significant fines for non-compliance.
Quality Management System – Outsourcing Services
Depending on your business circumstances, you may wish to outsource the management of your ISO standards. Our expert consultants use a customised approach to assume full responsibility for internal audits, document control, tenders and Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), improvement plans, and managing annual certification audits.