Why is ISO 27001 certification important for your business?

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ISO 27001 is the global benchmark for the effective management of information assets. By adopting a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) it enables organisations to avoid the costly penalties associated with non-compliance with data protection requirements and the financial losses resulting from data breaches.

ISO 27001 certification gives both new and existing customers’ confidence in your ability to protect their information, which is vital in the wake of multiple data scandals. Resilient-focused organisations around the world are actively looking at their cybersecurity landscape and ISO 27001 certification proves that your organisation has implemented a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) that will protect the sensitive information of your customers, clients, and suppliers.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 can help your organisation:

  • plug gaps and loopholes in your security
  • gain an edge over your competitors
  • win new business
  • retain existing customers
  • easily demonstrate compliance
  • scale for growth
  • reduce risks of cyber attacks
  • support employees with clear training and policies
  • give your customers confidence
  • spend less time completing tenders.

Plug gaps and loopholes in your security

Part of implementing ISO 27001 includes a gap analysis to identify areas of the business that do not currently meet the standards of a quality ISMS. A consultant will review whatever you already have in place and help you to identify areas that can be improved.

Once your ISMS is in place, regular reviews will be required to assess your security and identify any areas that need improvement.

Together, these two factors help you find any weaknesses in your security and strengthen your defences against an information security incident.

Gain an edge over your competitors

Perhaps your competitors boast stringent information security measures, comprehensive training for their staff, and regular internal audits to ensure their security is always the best it can be.

But you can demonstrate this and more with your accredited ISO 27001 certification, while also showing that your security processes are subject to regular review by an independent body and that you can only hold your certification while you meet the high standards required by that body.

Win new business

When looking for organisations to work with, potential customers will favour an organisation with a demonstrable commitment to information security than one without. The international reputation of accredited ISO 27001 certification means that new clients will recognise that your information security meets the highest standards, and will instil confidence that you can be trusted with their information and with their business.

“We saw achieving ISO 27001 as a vital part of our risk management strategy and continuous improvement programme.  For us it was important from a regulatory, professional and commercial perspective to ensure our information security systems within the business were robust. Tamsin Cooper, Partner – Risk and Compliance

Retain existing customers

It’s easier to retain existing customers than to gain new ones. Take the opportunity to tell your existing customers about your new ISO 27001 certification, and how you’ve worked hard. Customers who see that you’ve worked hard to implement new information security measures and commit to the highest standards of information security.

Easily demonstrate compliance

ISO 27001 certification is internationally recognisable proof of your compliance with information security requirements. Your certification can demonstrate to stakeholders that you are GDPR-compliant, or prove to regulators that you meet the Data Protection Act (2018).

Or, if you’re bidding for contracts with the UK Government, your accredited ISO 27001 certification will prove your compliance with its new Minimum Cyber Security Standard, without the need to submit extensive evidence that you comply with each individual requirement of the standard.

Scale for growth

As businesses grow and evolve, information security can grow and evolve too. But if ad hoc procedures are created as new situations are encountered, this can ultimately lead to a fractured and inefficient approach to information security. This doesn’t just lead to wasted cost through repeated or unnecessary processes but can also result in vulnerability due to gaps emerging in your security.

An ISMS implemented via ISO 27001 is easily scaled to match your organisation’s growth, so you won’t need to worry about inefficiencies or gaps in your security.

Reduce risks of cyber attacks

An ISMS won’t reduce the number of attacks your organisation suffers from cybercriminals, but it will reduce the risk that those attacks will succeed. With clear policies and processes in place, and with any gaps in your security identified and plugged, cybercriminals will find it that much harder to break past your defences.

Support employees with clear training and policies

With an increasing number of products and services hinging on data, information security is no longer solely the concern of IT professionals and upper management. Many more of your employees, if not all of them, will have some form of access to the information you process for your customers.

Of course, not all of your staff will be experts in information security. Therefore, they will need resources and training to help them identify security risks, inform them of what is expected of them, and tell them what to do if they suspect an information breach has occurred.

ISO 27001 helps you to assess the competence of your staff, record their ongoing development, and identify gaps in their understanding that require further training. The policies and procedures required by the standard will also serve as a valuable resource that your staff can refer to when necessary.

Give your customers confidence

Customers will want to know their personal information is safe, not only from external attack but also from employee error or malicious practices such as selling data. By sharing the news that you are ISO 27001 certified, you can reassure them that your internal practices are geared towards keeping their information safe.

Spend less time completing tenders

Thanks to the international reputation of ISO certification, it acts as a useful shorthand for demonstrating your competence when submitting tenders. Rather than being forced to prepare the evidence that you meet all the information security requirements set for a tender, you can simply include the details of your accredited ISO 27001 certification.

You’re ready for ISO 27001

You can begin to enjoy the benefits of ISO 27001 as soon as you have been awarded your certification, and organisations both big and small can benefit from ISO 27001. If you want to know more about what ISO 27001 can do for your business, speak to one of our consultants. As every business is unique, we offer a free initial consultation for tailored guidance. Contact us today.