ESOS Compliance

The ESOS regulations apply to all ‘large’ companies in the UK, with significant fines for non-compliance. However, many companies that are covered by the regulations have insufficient experience or resource to comply with their ESOS obligations.

If you need simple, cost-effective support for ESOS compliance, we have a package to meet your needs.

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For the majority of ‘large’ organisations, conducting an ESOS Assessment will be the most straightforward route to compliance. For some organisations, particularly those with high energy use or diverse business activities, it may be more cost-effective to implement a formal energy management system that is certified to ISO 50001. For others, a combination of these approaches may be optimal.

For organisations where the best route for ESOS compliance is not obvious, it is worth making a small initial investment in expert advice to ensure that you make an informed choice.

Our team of ISO consultants and registered ESOS Lead Assessors have a wealth of experience gained from Phase 1 of the ESOS regulations in 2014-15. We’ll conduct a one-day evaluation of your organisation’s energy context. You’ll receive a report setting out the costs and benefits of the available options for ESOS compliance, along with a recommendation of the most cost-effective compliance route for you.

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For the majority of ‘large’ organisations, conducting an ESOS Assessment is the most cost-effective route to compliance. If you don’t have the in-house expertise or available resource for the project, the practical solution is to outsource the assessment. Our experienced consultants will handle the entire process, including:

  • Collating your energy consumption statistics over the 12-month reference period
  • Identifying your ‘significant energy consumption’
  • Conducting a comprehensive energy audit and having this signed-off by a registered ESOS Lead Assessor
  • Managing the formal director-level review and sign-off of the energy audit’s recommendations
  • Managing notification to the Environment Agency by the deadline of 5 December 2019

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If you elect to conduct an ESOS Assessment as your route to compliance and have the resource to do this in-house, you will need to engage a registered ESOS Lead Assessor to formally review and verify that your energy audit and assessment complies fully with the regulations.

Our Registered Lead Assessor service is available at a fixed-price with no hidden extras. Contact our friendly team for a quotation.

If your organisation has a certified ISO 50001 energy management system that covers 100% of your energy usage and is valid on the compliance date of 5 December 2019, you will be exempt from carrying out an ESOS assessment. For some types of business, where significant reductions in energy costs are achievable, or where an ISO 14001 environmental management system is already in place, implementing a formal energy management system is a cost-effective route for ESOS compliance.

Using the tried and tested ISO in a Box™ framework, our experienced consultants will help you to design and implement an energy management system that will deliver tangible business benefits. We work to a fixed-price with no hidden extras and we guarantee successful certification.

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