GDPR Consultant and Audit Services

If your business handles personal data, you must ensure it complies with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Failure to protect personal data, including collecting, processing, using and storing this information, can result in a fine of up to €20m, loss of customers and significant reputational damage.

Our expert GDPR consultancy services support organisations in ensuring GDPR compliance. We carry out robust GDPR audits and provide professional advice and support for all data protection activities. Our UK network of professional, accredited GDPR consultants can tailor GDPR support to your specific business needs through our bespoke GDPR in a Box™ solution.

GDPR in a Box™ – GDPR Consultancy Services

GDPR in a Box™ is a simple, cost-effective way for an organisation to achieve and maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. Our structured approach catalogues your data sets and identifies how the GDPR applies. An experienced GDPR consultant will analyse the measures that you have in place and identify any gaps. Backed by our in-house legal team, our GDPR consultants design and implement the necessary controls to ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance.

Our GDPR consultant services
GDPR audit

Our professional, experienced GDPR consultants will review and assess the data protection controls and measures your business has in place. We assess each stage of data handling, including how data is collected, processed and stored. We review how measures meet the six principles of data protection and the operational effectiveness of data roles, including data processors and data controllers.

Our GDPR audit services support our wider GDPR gap analysis support for organisations developing or updating GDPR compliance processes.

GDPR Compliance Fix

Our GDPR in a Box™ packages effectively solve GDPR issues and ensure your organisation meets GDPR compliance, avoiding the risk of data breaches, fines and reputational damage.

Full GDPR Compliance Fix
Our Full Compliance Fix package uses GDPR in a Box™ framework and template materials. Our consultant carries out the complete GDPR compliance project with assistance from you. Our legal team reviews all relevant data legal notices and documents to ensure suitability and compliance.

This package is suited to organisations with limited internal GDPR resources or who want to quickly and effectively achieve compliance.

Assisted GDPR Compliance Fix
Our Assisted Compliance Fix package provides your organisation with the GDPR in a Box™ framework and template materials. Our consultant provides remote training and advice to support implementing an in-house compliance process. Our legal team can optionally support with a GDPR document review, including legal notices.

This package is suited to organisations with an in-house resource or with a limited budget.

GDPR in a Box™ Compliance Fix packages have a fixed cost for simple, assured compliance.

GDPR Gap Analysis

Our GDPR Gap Analysis service is designed for organisations needing a rigorous and comprehensive foundation for an in-house GDPR compliance project. It is suitable for organisations nearing the end of an in-house GDPR and data protection project that need a GDPR consultant to review compliance and highlight data protection gaps.

Using the GDPR in a Box™ approach and backed by our legal team, we review existing personal data protection arrangements and determine exactly what you need to do to comply.

Our GDPR Gap Analysis process includes:

  • Prepare – we catalogue the different sets of data that you hold and the various locations and methods of access to that data.
  • Identify – we use our proprietary Activ Comply legal compliance software to determine what the GDPR requires of you for each of your data sets.
  • Analyse – We compare the requirements of the GDPR to the controls you currently have in place for each of your data sets and pinpoint where there are gaps.

You’ll receive a comprehensive GDPR compliance report that sets out your current compliance level, highlights any gaps, and provides an action plan to address GDPR compliance issues.

The GDPR in a Box™ Gap Analysis service is provided at a fixed cost with no hidden extras.

Ongoing GDPR Compliance

Data processing operations require regular auditing to ensure continued GDPR compliance.

Our GDPR consultants offer a bespoke annual GDPR health check, ensuring data protection processes and controls remain effective and potential gaps are identified, and controls put in place.

Larger organisations with significant data collection, processing and storage activities will need to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Our GDPR consultants can save expense and time by supporting your organisation as a fully outsourced Data Protection Officer. Our GDPR experts will record data processing activities, undertake formal data security audits, and investigate and mitigate data protection breaches.

Our ongoing GDPR Compliance service is tailored to your organisation. We ensure your business remains compliant with data regulations, from annual GDPR health checks to full outsourced Data Protection Officer services.

Why choose GDPR in a Box™ – GDPR Consultancy Services

Our unique GDPR in a Box™ service delivers simple, effective assured compliance with GDPR.

  • Bespoke GDPR support tailored to the data handling needs of your organisation.
  • Fixed costs with no hidden extras for simple, assured compliance.
  • Expert, experience GDPR consultants who have supported hundreds of UK businesses.
  • Comprehensive GDPR compliance services – from annual audits to fully outsourced Data Protection Officers.
  • Professional legal support and full documentation review, saving time and money.


DPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations. It was introduced as part of the Data Protection Act 2018 and expects organisations to design processes for secure data processing. It requires organisations to think about how and why data is collected and used and gives individuals extensive rights to access, amend and delete data you hold about them.

GDPR is the legal, regulatory framework for how organisations collect, process, store and use personal data. It covers data that can be used to identify an individual – known as the ‘data subject’ – with strict requirements for how that data is used, the consent needed from the individual, and an individual’s rights to access, amend and delete their personal information.

GDPR covers all forms of personal data, no matter how it is stored. This includes paper-based documentation, such as employee records or customer information, to digital data, such as email marketing data. It includes any form of data, such as CCTV footage, and sets out significant penalties for businesses should they fail to meet GDPR.

GDPR applies to all organisations that collect and process information about individuals for any business or non-household purpose. Personal data includes information about customers, employees and suppliers that enables them to be identified, such as email addresses, phone numbers, date of birth or social media profile.

Data protection laws were modernised with the Data Protection Act 2018, updating how organisations use data. It is designed to ensure data about individuals is handled responsibly and fairly and that your organisation has a legitimate reason to collect, process and store that information. It requires that individuals give you consent to use their personal information and to prevent you from using it at their request.

A GDPR breach is where personal data is used outside of the General Data Protection Regulations. This can include data theft, such as hackers stealing personal information such as credit cards and passwords from a website, to organisational failures such as leaving personal data unsecured.

Organisations that suffer a data breach must legally notify the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The breach should be investigated, action taken, and affected individuals notified. Businesses can face significant fines in the event of a data breach.

How can GDPR in a Box™ help you?

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