5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About ISO 9001

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We are all experiencing unprecedented times, both personally and professionally. At Equas, we are fortunate that we can continue to operate at 100% capacity due to the nature of our business and delivery model, i.e. remote working. Our clients, both current and prospective, are not so fortunate. We are seeing some clients “hibernate” whilst others have taken advantage of the government’s job retention scheme and furloughed staff.

The government lockdown is impacting businesses in different ways, as described above. Interestingly, we are seeing some businesses using the “downtime” to focus internally, shifting attention to their own systems and processes; getting round to addressing tasks that may have been shelved for a while. Management system implementation is one of these tasks.

I am witnessing an increase in management system enquiries, primarily related to ISO 9001 though with some ISO 27001 too. What is striking and has prompted me to write this piece and record the short video, is the lack of knowledge regarding system implementation; what it is and what’s involved. Consequently, in this short video, five key questions are addressed, namely:

  1. What is ISO?
  2. What is involved in reaching ISO certification?
  3. Can I do it or do I need help?
  4. How long will it take?
  5. Where can I find out more?

I hope you find the video of interest. Enjoy!