Size is not important

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Charles Williamson sold his asbestos surveying and demolition business and retired –but only for a short time. Within months, some of his old clients began to ask him to conduct asbestos surveys for them. Although Charles was willing to provide this service again he wanted his new company to be a simple one-man business.

Some of his returning clients were large corporations, such as Lidl, whose procurement policies specify that suppliers have to be ISO 9001-certified. Charles wasn’t sure that such a small business as his could be certified and he thought that the cost might be prohibitive.

Searching the internet, he found ISO in a Box which seemed to meet his requirements. Having discussed these with ISO in a Box Sales Director, Mike Dowd, Charles was delighted at the quotation he received and agreed to proceed. That was on 10th July 2012. The project commenced on 23rd July under the guidance of Equas Director David Morgan and a little less than two months later Charles’ business, ‘Hard Hat Services’, was certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Charles is delighted with the simple process and the successful outcome that has given him the important UKAS ‘tick and crown’ certificate. Equally importantly, he now has a simple management system which will help him run his business effectively, enabling him to satisfy his (growing) list of returning clients!