ISO in a Box is a breeze for Jersey Met

Is it true that we’re set for wet weather if cows lie down? “No, cows are unreliable – seaweed is much better,” said Tony Pallot and as Principal Meteorological Officer at the Jersey Meteorological Department, he knows what he’s talking about. He’s joking of course. Forecasting the weather is a highly technical and sophisticated science […]

In safe hands with ISO in a Box

Westminster Group Plc includes in its Mission Statement the following phrase: “Westminster believes all citizens of the world have a right to personal safety, security and freedom from the threat of terrorist attack”. Mission statements are more often than not actually vision statements; ‘this is what we would like to do but we haven’t actually […]

Developing healthy systems

‘ISO in a Box’ was originally launched by Equas as a simple and cost-effective tool to help SMEs achieve ISO 9001 certification. Since then a number of sector-specific versions have been developed for industries including waste management, security – and even concrete repairers. Now ‘ISO in a Box’ has proved to be the right prescription […]