ISO Audit and Gap Analysis Services

ISO management systems require regular auditing and analysis to ensure systems remain ISO compliant and are able to be certified.

Our expert ISO specialists have helped thousands of UK businesses gain ISO certification. Our comprehensive ISO audit and ISO gap analysis assess how effective your existing management systems are, saving time and reducing costs.

ISO management systems are internationally recognised processes and practices that support a wide range of business activities. From quality management systems required for ISO 9001 certification to an occupational health and safety management system for ISO 45001 certification, our ISO assessors can help you identify the systems required for ISO certification.

Our professional ISO consultants – with support from our in-house legal support for documentation review – provide ISO audit and gap analysis services for a wide range of ISO standards including:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality management systems that support product and service excellence.
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems designed to reduce your organisation’s impact on the environment.
  • ISO 17025 – Testing management systems that provide robust testing integrity and independence.
  • ISO 22301 – Business continuity systems designed to support organisational resilience to external and internal disruptions.
  • ISO 27001 – Information security systems that enhance information and data security from IT risks and cyber threats.
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems supporting a safer workplace.
  • ISO 50001 – Energy efficiency systems that drive energy savings across operations, premises, transport and industrial processes.

Our ISO consultants also support ISO auditing and gap analysis for management systems required for AS 9100, BS EN 1090-1 and ESOS.

Our ISO Audit and Gap Analysis Services

Our ISO audit and ISO gap analysis services are suited to organisations with well-developed management systems and in-house resources available to implement any changes necessary to meet the requirements of the relevant ISO standard.

ISO Gap Analysis Services

Our professional team of ISO practitioners work with in-house teams to provide effective ISO gap analysis support. Our experts clearly identify the modifications required to comply with the relevant standard and include detailed advice on the most effective way to implement changes.

ISO Internal Audit Services

Our team will professionally assess and audit your existing management system and recommended actions and changes required to meet certification. Our team are able to provide complete end-to-end ISO internal audits to ensure it meets certification.

  • Verify whether your system meets the requirements of the ISO standard.
  • Confirm whether your management system is being followed consistently
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing management systems.
  • Identify actions and non-conformity issues that need remedy prior to the certification audit.

Our internal audits and assessments are backed with our ISO certification guarantee.

Why use our Internal Audit and Gap Analysis Services?

External, professional ISO consultants can save your business time and money and help ensure your existing management system is effective and suitable for certification. We provide expert, accessible advice, identifying issues and recommending solutions so you can help your business achieve accredited ISO certification.

  • ISO consultants experienced in supporting UKAS accredited ISO certification.
  • Save time and money by bringing in external ISO expertise.
  • Identify and fix non-conformity issues prior to the certification audit.
  • Guaranteed ISO certification.

ISO Audit FAQs

An ISO audit independently assesses and evaluates your management system, its effectiveness and whether it meets ISO certification criteria. Each management system is different, such as environmental or information security management systems. An audit needs to be systematic, ensuring systems, processes and operations continue to achieve the ISO standard criteria.

ISO audits can be carried out by dedicated in-house compliance teams. It can, however, be more cost-effective to use an external ISO auditor and assessor, who can bring expert knowledge that supports your organisation’s certification programme.

A surveillance audit can be carried out by internal or external teams. It is designed to ensure that organisations with ISO certification continue to maintain and improve their management systems. These audits are usually conducted annually.

There are three types of ISO audit – internal (known as a ‘first party audit’), a supplier audit (known as a ‘second party audit’) and a certification audit (known as a ‘third party audit’).

Our expert ISO consultants can support teams setting up and running an internal audit function. We also perform UKAS certified certification audits with our ISO experts that assess and award certification in the relevant ISO standard.

How can ISO in a Box™ help you?

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