ISO Consultancy – Expert Guidance & Support

Helping you develop systems that improve business efficiency whilst complying with ISO and other standards.

When you need ISO compliance experts to complement your own professional and business expertise, Equas has a team of consultants available to work with you.

We can help you make informed decisions on the best route to meeting your objectives. Together, we can find appropriate structures and strategies that will help you achieve tangible benefits from your ISO project.

You can compare and evaluate our framework and methodologies against your existing systems to determine the ideal format for your business. Access to our in-depth knowledge of ISO standards and the various implementation techniques, will enable you to achieve the best outcomes. You can be confident in our advice, gained from years of experience working with thousands of businesses across different industries.

As the internal business expert, you may need extra resource and guidance or sometimes just exchange ideas and confirm you are on the right track.

We can help you improve your existing, or develop your new, ISO compliant systems.

Our ISO consultants are experts in compliance and business improvement. We can work with you to develop systems that are ISO compliant and deliver tangible benefits.

How can ISO in a Box™ help you?

When you want to introduce new ISO compliant management systems, our ISO consultants can help you integrate all standards into one user-friendly system.

We can support you by:

  • Building business management systems with you that help you run your business more effectively and efficiently
  • Project Managing the entire process including system design, implementation and certification
  • Providing and configuring the Activ Online Management System to embed best practice
  • Designing systems to be document-light
  • Ensuring that documented processes accurately reflect what happens in the business
  • Identifying the best methods to manage and integrate your different ISO systems
  • Streamlining systems so they deliver business efficiencies
  • Developing policies, objectives and improvement programmes that are aligned with your business strategy
  • Introducing internal audit programmes for trouble-free external audits
  • Ensuring your legal compliance is accurate and up-to-date
  • Providing employee training to achieve buy-in
  • Enable tight deadlines to be met by providing any additional resources required

It can be challenging to maintain ISO compliance and, at the same time, realise the benefits the standards were designed to deliver. Contact us if you want to explore how you can improve your existing management systems so they operate more efficiently and remain compliant with the standards.

We can also help you handle the transition to the new ISO 45001 from OHSAS 18001.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you to enhance your existing systems:

  • Implementing integrated compliance methodologies through the Activ Online Management System
  • Identifying effective ways to address audit non-conformities
  • Reviewing processes to identify ways to reduce system maintenance costs
  • Improving document and record control
  • Reducing the duration of external audits to reduce costs
  • Integrating separate quality, environmental, health & safety or information security systems
  • Managing your certification auditor and certification audit
  • Identifying appropriate system objectives
  • Developing effective internal audit programmes
  • Carrying out internal audits, or training your staff to be Internal Auditors
  • Running effective management review meetings
  • Reviewing and refining system scope definitions
  • Managing risk assessment programmes or conducting risk assessments
  • Creating appropriate monitoring and measurement programmes

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